Susie McAfee, Ph.D.


I'm glad you came.

My curriculum vitae......or something a bit more personal

This is where I'm supposed to brag about all my education, work experience, and expertise. Well the truth is I was always a good student. In my family it was very important to be educated and, more importantly, to be intelligent. As with a lot of things we learn growing up, this had a good side and a bad side. As a girl I learned to be quiet, smile a lot, and get good grades. These behaviours were pretty adaptive and took me all the way to graduate school. Ph.D. = success right?! Truth is, though I love psychology, I think I chose the easy road. Okay, a decade of advanced study can hardly be called the easy road but in hindsight staying in school was the safest choice for me. I don't think I even really considered other choices to be honest. I knew I  could do well in graduate school, earn acceptance and praise, do something I enjoy, but most importantly avoid venturing out into an unknown world. While I was busy smiling and entertaining everyone during my childhood I was also extremely socially anxious. Most people don't believe it when I tell them of my anxiety because it seems so counter to my natural personality. With a fair bit of imposter syndrome along for the ride, I earned my doctorate and scored a full time job at a prestigious hospital. Then, to make all my dreams come true at once, I married a man from a good family, bought a house, adopted a puppy.....and of course babies a couple years later. Check.Check.Check. Everything I was supposed to do and really wanted to do. So why ten years later was I struggling with burnout/compassion fatigue, unhappy in my marriage, excruciatingly lonely, and longing for freedom? It was at this point that I began my training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) which allowed me to not only transform my work with clients but to also transform my relationship with myself. Applying ACT principles to my own life lead to a massive transformation (and some emotional chaos). I started CrossFit, I took on leadership roles at work, I walked away from a lucrative and secure job at an institution that seemed to care more about numbers than people, I started my private practice, I left my marriage, and I began exploring parts of me I had forgotten and parts of me I had never known. I also came face-to-face with childhood experiences I had repressed and ignored. Like everyone else, my journey continues and now that you know a little about me,  I'd be happy to walk with you on yours.