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Dr. Susie McAfee received her undergraduate from Queen's University in 2001 and a Ph.D. from the University of New Brunswick in 2008. Following residency at the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Centre and Saint Boniface Hospital, she began her career at IWK Forensic Services conducting risk assessments with court-ordered youth. This was followed by a brief assignment on the IWK psychiatric inpatient unit before spending several years in IWK Community Mental Health Services at the Cobequid Health Centre. With a mission to invest in prevention by serving children, families, and couples in new ways, Dr. McAfee established LifeCentre Psychology in 2016 and she has been dedicated to this work full-time since 2017. As with many other small businesses, the 2020 pandemic created a need for this practice to pivot in new directions. This opportunity allowed Dr. McAfee to reevaluate her professional priorities and focus specifically on the innovative and specialized services that make LifeCentre Psychology unique. 

"Love isn't everything, it's the only thing."

- Steven Hayes


Dr. Susie McAfee


Susie grew up on the East side of Toronto (Scarborough) where she naturally developed a love of food, music, and cultures from around the world. The opportunities and independence afforded by a youth spent in a major centre have served her well. Nevertheless, she prefers smaller cities like Halifax and after (foolishly) taking up surfing at age 40, she is unlikely to be moving out of Canada's Ocean Playground anytime soon. Mom to two energetic boys (several years older than depicted here) she enjoys the outdoors, surfing, CrossFit, food, music, comedy and well....pretty much anything really. 


Welcome to LifeCentre Psychology, a private practice designed to focus on what matters most in your life - what should be at the centre. As human beings we are not our diagnoses, labels, symptoms, or even our roles and responsibilities. As individuals we need to explore, discover, and reclaim behaviour that makes us feel like ourselves again; alive with a sense of joy, peace, creativity, and freedom. Working with the Acceptance & Commitment model of therapy we will help you move from a focus on "FEELING WELL" to a focus on "LIVING WELL" no matter what you are struggling with. Even in the most painful life circumstances we must find a way to move forward and often we cannot simply get rid of or "get over" our feelings but we can choose who we want to be in the face of our challenges. 

What matters to most of us is our family and intimate relationships. This is a universal value and yet the modern socio-cultural climate has made maintaining personal relationships more difficult than ever before. At LifeCentre we understand how distressing this can be and many of our programs aim to improve and preserve relationships using either preventative or intensive interventions that increase the likelihood of success. 

Please explore what we have to offer and get in touch with any questions, comments, or feedback!